Juice in Style with the Bugatti Vita Juicer

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Sold exclusively at Harrods, the Bugatti Vita Juicer designed by Habits is the company’s latest release in high-end, high-style appliances.  The Bugatti Vita Juicer is as functional as it is beautiful.  Within the walls of this sleek silhouetted juicing machine, lies a powerful motor capable of juicing the most difficult of fruits.  Equipped with two […]

Swarovski Crystal Wellbox Sold Exclusively at Harrods

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Wealthy men and women looking for the fountain of youth that doesn’t involve going under the knife or Botox injections, can invest in this little futuristic machine no bigger than a breadbox.  Sold exclusively at Harrods, the Swarovski Crystal Wellbox is a personal wellness and beauty device modeled after the commercial Cellu M6 and the […]

Clive Christian Releases The World’s Most Expensive Perfume – Clive Christian No. 1

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In 1999, famed kitchen and interior designer Clive Christian purchased the London-based “Crown Perfumery” company, which was founded by a corset maker and has been the royal family’s official supplier of smelling salts and perfume since 1872 according to to one source.  As a result, when Christian approached world famous perfumer Roja Dove, he had […]