The #1 Rated Cult Fragrance – Luctor et Emergo Eau de Parfum by The People of the Labyrinths

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When InStyle and searched for the top cult fragrances in the world – the ones that dedicated scent collectors rave about and will go to any lengths to acquire – the #1 on the list was Luctor et Emergo by The People of the Labyrinths.  (The name is latin and translates into “I struggle […]

Amouage Jubilation XXV Review

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From Amouage, the official perfumer of the King of Oman, comes Amouage Jubilation XXV.  Although marketed toward men, this is truly a unisex universal fragrance that is sure to get compliments and crown you with an aura of extravagance. The unique combination in Jubilation XXV consists of a rich list of luxury fragrance notes such […]