Capstan Table by DB Fletcher Designs

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DB Fletcher Designs, located in the United Kingdom, is a bespoke furniture maker known for their high quality craftsmanship.  Perhaps their most famous product, the Capstan Table has been featured in numerous design and boating publications.  Don’t be fooled by the ordinary looks of the table pictured at the right.  With either the push of […]

LOMME Bed – A Unique Sleep Experience

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If you live to be 90 years old and sleep the recommended 8 hours per day, you will spend one third of your life (30 years) in bed!  The LOMME (Light Over Matter Mind Evolution) bed was designed not only as a bold and beautiful piece of furniture, but to function as a space for […]

Hand Carved Wooden Entry Doors by Summit

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Just as the eyes are the windows into our souls, so too is the front door to the house.  What could be a more inviting way to greet your guests than one of these beautifully hand carved wooden entry doors.  Summit, makers of handcrafted log homes, custom manufactures these exquisite hand carved doors.  Each carved […]

Igor Chak Brings You the Space Invader Couch

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Back in 1978, Tomohiro Nishikado designed and released Space Invaders, a classic arcade video game that was one of the earliest shooting games.  Following its release, the game caused a temporary shortage of 100-yen coins in Japan.  By 2007, the game had generated $500 million in revenue.  It is ranked by Guinness World Records as […]

The Hunt Club Valet Custom Closet By Wood-Mode

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Well-heeled executives, investors, celebrities, professionals, and magnates rejoice because you can now own a custom closet that looks like the interior of a Brooks Brothers store, complete with cherry accents, hidden drawers, and useful valets to hold everything from your watch collection to the newest pair of shoes you picked up in Paris. Made by […]

Two Fantastic New Luxury Furniture Pieces from Ralph Lauren Home

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If you couldn’t tell from our article on the Ralph Lauren Rue Royal Bed, we are big fans of the new upscale luxury furniture line from Ralph Lauren Home.  So much, in fact, that several of us around here are considering redoing our personal houses in the style. Ralph Lauren Home has two fantastic new […]

Ralph Lauren Cannes Amoire Makes a Beautiful Piece for Your Home

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A beautiful accent piece to the Ralph Lauren Rue Royal Bed, the Ralph Lauren Cannes Amoire is a rococo revival inspired piece of luxury furniture inspired by the 19th century.  Each amoire is finished in walnut veneer Cannes Noyer with Monaco Brass and features hand-carved floral borders, foliage and decor embellishment.  It is fitted with […]

Ralph Lauren Rue Royale Bed Provides the Ultimate Luxury Experience

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For those of you with wallets big enough to live like a King (or Queen), Ralph Lauren has released a classically inspired sleigh bed with scrolled head and footboard, lion’s paw feet, and – you guessed it – gilt accents (it is literally a gilded bed perfected for the gilded life). This beauty starts at […]

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