Teti Malachite Bathtub by Baldi

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The Baldi malachite bathtub would look great in a his and her configuration next to the Baldi amethyst bathtub, assuming, of course, that you have the deep pockets to afford these luxury indulgences!  Hewn from pure malachite the stunning bathtub features 24k gold plated claw feet. Whether you are a financier, tycoon or Saudi prince, […]

Baldi Amethyst Bathtub

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Baldi of Florence, Italy, has released the ultimate luxury bathtub, made of precious purple amethyst and accented with 24 karat gold plated legs.  The amethyst bathtub retails for 95,000 Euros, or $121,200 in the United States today.  The company made matching tumbler, lotion dispenser, and soap dish.

Jacuzzi’s Fuzion Luxury Bath

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To have a Jacuzzi tub or shower in your bathroom is like having a 3 star Michelin chef in your kitchen.  At first glance the Fuzion luxury bath with a precious hardwood deck, looks nothing more than a pretty bathtub.  However, upon closer inspection, you’ll quickly see that this state-of-the art luxury bath houses fourteen […]

Solid Stone Bathtubs

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For those of you with a unique sense of aesthetic and a love for the outdoors (and a home that could support a herd of elephants), feast your eyes on this solid stone bathtub by the French design firm, SDA Decoration.  Weighing in at nearly 1 ton or even more, each bathtub is made from […]