24k Gold Plated MacBook Pro Is the Ultimate Luxury Computer

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24 Karat Gold MacBook Pro with Diamond Apple Logo

The limited edition 24k gold MacBook can be customized with engraving and comes with a diamond encrusted Apple logo. The firm behind these gold MacBooks can gild almost any consumer electronic, including using a variety of metals such as copper, white gold, platinum, and silver. Pricing for the 24k gold MacBook starts at $29,000 in the United States.

There is perhaps no other more appropriate item for this blog, the Gilded Life, than an actual 24k gold gilded MacBook Pro accented with a diamond encrusted Apple logo!

Whether you are a middle eastern oil magnate, a Chinese industrial tycoon, Silicon Valley start-up millionaire, or a Wall Street financier, if you are looking for a little extra bling in your life, this exceptional work of functional jewelry may be perfect for you.  By working with 24 karat gold, gilding it over the entire MacBook Pro case, then covering the pure gold with a clear layer of protective coating (otherwise it would scratch and become disfigured easily due to the softness of gold), these works of art – which begin at $29,000 in the United States – are fabricated for a handful of exceptional clients around the world.

The Gold MacBooks Are Created by Computer Choppers and Come in Limited Edition Runs

Created by a firm called Computer Choppers, these limited edition gold MacBooks are released in tightly controlled limited editions of 3 per Apple MacBook size each year (that is, three 13″ Gold MacBooks, three 15″ gold Macbooks, and three 17″ gold MacBooks). Read more »

The #1 Rated Cult Fragrance – Luctor et Emergo Eau de Parfum by The People of the Labyrinths

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Luctor et Emergy Eau de Parfum by the People of the Labyrinths

When InStyle and Style.com searched for the top cult fragrances in the world – the ones that dedicated scent collectors rave about and will go to any lengths to acquire – the #1 on the list was Luctor et Emergo by The People of the Labyrinths.  (The name is latin and translates into “I struggle and emerge”.)

The fragrance notes that make up this intoxicating potion include precious woods, vanilla, fresh grasses, white florals, and more.  It has been described as incense, soft vanilla, and cherry with almonds, marzipan, tobacco, dry wood, and incense.

Luctor et Emergo Sizes and Strengths

Luctor et Emergo Eau de ToiletteThe Luctor et Emergo is available in both a 100 ml Eau de Parfum, which is designed to last for hours, and the less potent and more standard Eau de Toilette, which comes in a 90 ml bottle.

The Eau de Parfum retails for $180 and the Eau de Toilette for $130.  The unique bottles are shaped like a laboratory flasks and look great in your fragrance wardrobe.

If you don’t know the difference between the two, take a moment to read Eau de Parfum vs. Eau de Toilette in which we what each term means in the perfume industry. Read more »

Human Touch AcuTouch Massage Chair – Your Very Own Personal Masseuse

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Human Touch HT-1650 AcuTouch Robotic Massage Chair

Human Touch HT-1650 AcuTouch Massage Chair in brown leather with calf and foot massage unit activated.

Human Touch, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high quality personal massage chairs, has released its flagship massage chair.  The HT-1650 robotic massage chair was built using the patented Human Touch massage system that simulates techniques used by professional chiropractors and massage therapists.  The massage system mimics standard movements like rolling, kneading, compression, percussion, as well as a combination of kneading and rolling.  In essence, the HT-1650 does everything but bring you a warm cup of tea.

HT-1650 Massage Programs

Though you can easily customize and choose your own unique massage targeting the zones you’d like massaged the most, the HT-1650 offers eight 15-minute long massage programs that begin with just a push of a button.

  • Full Body Sore Muscle Relief: This ultimate stress relief program is a heated full body massage that includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of high-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.
  • Neck Shoulder Relief: A back rub taken to a whole new level – a heated upper back massage that includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of high-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.
  • Night Time Soothing: A gentle and relaxing full-body massage that includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of low-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.
  • Sports Back Therapy: Focusing areas most often affected by athletic training and back, this heated back/calf/foot massage includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of high-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.
  • After Work Stretch: A heated mid-lower back massage plus a gentle body stretch that includes
    Human Touch HT-1650 AcuTouch Massage Chair

    Human Touch HT-1650 AcuTouch Massage Chair in black leather with calf and foot massage unit retracted.

    3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of medium-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.

  • Leg Foot Hip Therapy: This program is

    designed to concentrate on massaging your rear leg muscles, calves, and feet while maintaining its intensity throughout.

  • Morning Wake Up: Use this refreshing morning heated full-body massage that includes a 3-minute warm up, 9 minutes of medium-intensity massage, and a 3-minute cool down.
  • Massage Demonstration: This program cycles through all the design techniques available to the massage chair to demonstrate all massage functions and possibilities.

How to Get Your Hands on a Human Touch Massage Chair

Human Touch offers a complete line of robotic massage chairs ranging in price from $500 to $4,300, giving many families the opportunity to own and enjoy this fine piece of engineering and comfort.  I found this chair offered at the famed Nebraska Furniture Mart, Costco, Amazon.com, as well as the Human Touch corporate website.

Creed Royal Water Review

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Creed Royal Mountain Water Review for 4 Ounce Milllesime Bottle

This is the new bottle of Creed Royal Water, 4 ounces, in millesime strength, sitting on my desk in the Gilded Life office. We have been spraying it throughout the day and the pleasant, sweet, soft fragrance clearly lends itself to a unisex luxury perfume that is calming and refined.

Creed Royal Water, originally released in 1997, is a unisex fragrance designed for the next generation of royals.  As the House of Creed puts it, “Fresh and cool, Royal Water is an invigorating celebration of personal spirit. Regal, refined, yet refreshingly approachable – just like the young royals of the House of Windsor.”

Frankly, we couldn’t agree more.  Unlike the hype that surrounds some perfume houses, this isn’t just marketing speak.  Creed Royal Water isn’t presumptuous or arrogant at all; a gentleman or lady could just as easily wear it attending a state dinner or spending a night at home with the family, wearing pajamas and watching a movie.  It is soft, sweet, and respectable.

To us, Creed Royal Water reminds one of when you sink into a clean, cool, luxury pillow after a long day.  No matter how hard you fall into bed, your landing is going to be muted and comfortable.  Of the thousands of fragrances we’ve come across, there is nothing quite like this magnificent treasure.

Creed Royal Water Notes

The fragrance notes found in Creed Royal Water – the top notes, middle notes, and base notes, are as follows: Read more »

Express Men Working to Reinvent Modern Prep

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Express Men is working to reinvent the modern prep look.Express Men, which was formerly a subsidiary of The Limited but was spun-off as an independent publicly traded company (ticker symbol: EXPR), is working hard to reinvent the modern prep look.

I think of Express Men as an aspirational brand perfect for young professionals making good money, who want to look great and who don’t mind paying for quality but if given the choice are more comfortable with an $80 sweater than the $400 version you’d find at Saks or Bergdorf Goodman.  A complete outfit from Express Men is going to cost a few hundred dollars but you should get a lot of wear out of it and the ability to work pieces into an overall wardrobe, making it a great value.

Express Men Modern Prep Polo Shirt and Shorts

For only a few thousand dollars, it is possible to walk into an Express Men store and put together a great foundation for a man’s every day clothing needs.

Hamilton Jewelers Grand Reopening in Palm Beach

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Chocolate Pearl Necklace from Hamilton Jewelers

Hamilton Jewelers specializes in high-end fine jewelery, such as chocolate pearls, diamond rings, gemstone earrings, fine china, sterling silverware, fountain pens, cigar humidors, and other luxury gifts. The company has been family owned since 1912 and is headquartered in New Jersey.

During college, one of my favorite things to do was to shop at Hamilton Jewelers, a New Jersey based high-end retailer of fine jewelery that has been family owned since 1912.  In fact, many of the treasures in my home and office were bought during those early years living on the East Coast.

(It all began when I began making money and became financially independent.  I’d reward myself by purchasing gold-rimmed William Yeoward coffee cups with matching saucers.  I still remember walking back to the college campus with a gift-wrapped Hamilton Jewelers package in an embossed, cream colored bag, only to arrive, unwrap it as my roommate was still in class, take it out, brew a fresh pot of coffee, and sip out of it, enjoying the fruit of my labors.  To a college student, dropping $200 or $300 on a coffee cup was a big deal.

I’ve never regretted it.  In a long line of luxury purchases, those gold-rimmed cups still sit in my office to this day and whenever I’m working on a big deal or studying a potential investment, I enjoy them with freshly brewed Douwe Egberts coffee.)

Anyway, Hamilton Jewelers has a branch in The Gardens Mall in Palm Beach, which is currently scheduled for major upgrade and renovation culminating in the Holiday season this year.  They have released renderings to show how the newly improved store will look.

If you are ever in Palm Beach, take a few moments to go visit Hamilton Jewelers or check them out online.  Personally, I adore them.  Here are the pictures of the upcoming renovation … Read more »

Favero Jewelry Continues to Supply Some of the Top Fine Jewelers in the World

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Although the name might not be immediately recognizable, if your household purchases fine jewelry, you have probably seen or perhaps even own a piece designed by Italian jeweler Favero. Known for exquisite gemstones, stunning visual statements, and rich colors, the Favero company is thirty years old and boasts a headquarters and showroom in Bassano del Grappa, Italy.

Extraordinarily selective about the fine jewelers and retails that are permitted to carry their products, Favero has made a name for itself as a master jeweler and is certainly worth checking out the next time you are looking for a truly exceptional piece of fine jewelry.

Favero Persia Earrings Fine JewelryFavero Victoria Rings Fine JewelryFavero Sapphire Rings Fine Jewelry

Clive Christian Releases The World’s Most Expensive Perfume – Clive Christian No. 1

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Clive Christian No 1 Perfume Imperial Majesty Edition in Display Box by Roja Dove

The Clive Christian No 1 Perfume Imperial Majesty Edition costs $215,000 and was created by famed perfumer Roja Dove. It is 500 ml and comes in a rare Baccarat crystal bottle engraved with the purchaser's name.

In 1999, famed kitchen and interior designer Clive Christian purchased the London-based “Crown Perfumery” company, which was founded by a corset maker and has been the royal family’s official supplier of smelling salts and perfume since 1872 according to to one source.  As a result, when Christian approached world famous perfumer Roja Dove, he had one criterion: Money is no object.

According to Symrise, Roja Dove “opened his treasure chest – his collection of scents – and looked for the most precious and expensive notes the world has to offer. Rose oil for 6,000 euros, orris root for 11,000 euros per kilo, jasmine from India, Italian cinnamon rose which requires at least 170 blossoms for a single drop of oil!”  A batch of this liquid gold reportedly takes six months to reach the perfect stage of spice.

The result was Clive Christian Perfume No. 1.  A single ounce, or 30 ml, costs $2,350.  And then, there is the magnificent Clive Christian No. 1 Imperial Majesty Edition … Read more »

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