Two Fantastic New Luxury Furniture Pieces from Ralph Lauren Home

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If you couldn’t tell from our article on the Ralph Lauren Rue Royal Bed, we are big fans of the new upscale luxury furniture line from Ralph Lauren Home.  So much, in fact, that several of us around here are considering redoing our personal houses in the style.

Ralph Lauren Home has two fantastic new luxury furniture pieces that fit into any well appointed home: The Noble Estate Chaise and the New Bohemian Cocktail Table.

New Bohemian Cocktail Table By Ralph Lauren Home

The New Bohemian Cocktail Table by Ralph Lauren Home is an oversize mahogany tray table with 19th century styling and rotund legs on rollers.  The materials include Philippine mahogany solids and veneer with dimensions coming in at 46 inches wide, 38 inches deep and 18 3/8ths inches tall.  The piece retails for $3,285.

New Bohemian Coffee Table Ralph Lauren Home Furniture

New Bohemian Cocktail Table By Ralph Lauren Home. Retail Price: $3,285

Noble Estate Chaise from Ralph Lauren Home

This distinctive chaise lounge, which could easily be at home in a millionaire’s sea side retreat or the study of Sherlock Holmes, is available in both leather and fabric.  The leather chaise starts at $8,085 and the fabric chaise at $5,985.  Read more »

Men’s Fashion Advice from Australia

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The fashion team at the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia have pointed out how it is possible to mix and match clothes from different fashion designers and fashion houses to create unique looks for those with deep pockets.  Although some of their suggestions made us feel like we were in a parallel universe, a few were amazing.  Here are our two favorites.  I may go pick up a few of those Ralph Lauren cashmere sweaters this winter …

James Derby suit, Helmut Lang shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren cashmere Sweater, Baubridge & Kay tie.

James Derby suit, Helmut Lang shirt, Polo Ralph Lauren cashmere Sweater, Baubridge & Kay tie.

The next one is more modern … Read more »

Solid Stone Bathtubs

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Solid Stone Bathtub

Take a bath in a one-of-a-kind solid river stone bathtub by SDA Decoration.

For those of you with a unique sense of aesthetic and a love for the outdoors (and a home that could support a herd of elephants), feast your eyes on this solid stone bathtub by the French design firm, SDA Decoration.  Weighing in at nearly 1 ton or even more, each bathtub is made from a solid piece of river stone and is painstakingly carved and polished by hand.  Unique in shape and ranging in colors from beige to tan and brown to dark gray, no two solid stone tubs are the same.

Solid Marble Bathtub

A solid white marble bathtub by SDA Decoration makes a truly unique and unexpected feature in your bathroom.

If the river stone model doesn’t do anything for you, maybe the solid stone bathtub carved from a solid piece of marble will.  The marble stone bathtubs come in black, white, yellow, or gray depending on your design needs.  If you’d like to acquire one of these stunning bathtubs, you’ll have to have it imported.  I have no doubt that the end result will be well worth the trouble.

Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse for Mac and PC

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The gold bullion wireless mouse is both PC and Mac compatable and is designed to look like a bar of solid gold.

The gold bullion wireless mouse is both PC and Mac compatable and is designed to look like a bar of solid gold.

The gold bullion wireless mouse just may be the perfect gift, especially if you are worried about government deficits.  Although it isn’t real gold, this great gadget was designed to work with both Apple Mac systems and PCs and looks like a bar of gold bullion, complete with a “999.9″ purity stamp.

Gold Bar Wireless Mouse Features

  • A bar of Gold Bullion that happens to be a mouse, or is it the other way round?
  • Comes with standard right and left click buttons and a clickable scroll button.
  • Plugs into computer via USB port.
  • PC and Mac compatible.
  • Despite all appearances the mouse is NOT made out of gold.
  • Requires 2 x AAA batteries (not included).
  • Suitable for ages 8 years+.
  • Size: 10.5 x 6 x 4cm.

Where You Can Buy a Gold Bullion Gold Bar Wireless Mouse

It is easy to get your hands on one of these for yourself as a gift, as long as you buy them before the supplier sells out of its inventory. Read more »

Ralph Lauren Cannes Amoire Makes a Beautiful Piece for Your Home

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Ralph Lauren Cannes Amoire Open Bedroom Furniture Luxury Edition

The Ralph Lauren Cannes Amoire is a functional statement piece that adds beauty to your home.

A beautiful accent piece to the Ralph Lauren Rue Royal Bed, the Ralph Lauren Cannes Amoire is a rococo revival inspired piece of luxury furniture inspired by the 19th century.  Each amoire is finished in walnut veneer Cannes Noyer with Monaco Brass and features hand-carved floral borders, foliage and decor embellishment.  It is fitted with sliding butler trays, drawers, and a removable coat rod.

If your home is decorated in a traditional style, you may want to add a luxury bronze maiden torchiere floor lamp, which would look fantastic next to this magnificent bedroom piece.

Dimension and Price of Amoire

The Cannes Amoire retails for $22,950 and is only available through Ralph Lauren furniture dealers.  The dimensions are 61 inches wide, 24.5 inches deep, and 99 inches tall.

Larger Pictures of Ralph Lauren Amoire

Here is a larger shot of the amoire with the doors closed. Read more »

Ralph Lauren Rue Royale Bed Provides the Ultimate Luxury Experience

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For those of you with wallets big enough to live like a King (or Queen), Ralph Lauren has released a classically inspired sleigh bed with scrolled head and footboard, lion’s paw feet, and – you guessed it – gilt accents (it is literally a gilded bed perfected for the gilded life).

This beauty starts at $13,335 and is available as both a King bed and a Queen bed.  (Personally, we think a top-of-the-line Tempur-Pedic would look great nestled between these frames, especially if fitted with a set of new, luxury top-of-the-line Egyptian cotton sheets in your favorite color.)  It is easy to see why Ralph Lauren furniture is so highly regarded in the luxury furniture industry.

The Luxury Ralph Lauren Rue Royale Bed Starts at $13,335

Nestle to sleep in this luxury Ralph Lauren Rue Royale bed, which is available in both King and Queen sizes. It starts at $13,335.

Here are the dimensions and more pictures of this luxury Ralph Lauren bed. Read more »

3rd Generation Amazon Kindle Device Released

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The new Amazon Kindle 3 has been released and compared to its predecessor, the Amazon Kindle 2, it is 21% smaller and 15% lighter, coming in at only 8.5 ounces.  Amazon increased the Kindle’s memory to 4 GB, which allows you to hold roughly 3,500 books.  The screen is E-Ink, which reads much better than almost any other technology, is roughly 6 inches in size, and has 50% better contrast than the old Kindle.

Pricing on the Amazon Kindle 3 is $189 for the 3G + Wi-Fi version and $139 for the Wi-Fi only model.

Amazon Kindle 3 vs. Apple iPad

Here is the thing: Why would anyone buy this if you can get Kindle books on an iPad, plus iBooks, The Wall Street Journal, The Financial Times, and most other major newspapers all delivered in full color with video?  I’m not sure I understand why anyone would waste money on a device that is so limited when for only a bit more money, you can do much more, including storing music, video, play video games, etc.

Are we missing something?  We have more than four of the iPads sitting around the Gilded Life offices, so we have first hand experience with the device and, although E-Ink is far easier to read, it doesn’t make up for the technological differences between the Kindle and the iPad.  What are your thoughts?

Amazon Kindle 3

iCade Mini Arcade Cabinet for iPad

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In another daily dose of awesome we give you the iCade Mini Arcade Cabinet for iPad, a product created by ThinkGeek as an April Fool’s day gag (too bad – this would have looked great in our office!).  The premise was that an app would be released with classic video games, which you could then plug into your arcade cabinet and play old-school style.  The retail price shown before the joke was revealed was $150.

iCade iPad Arcade Cabinet for the Apple iPad

And one more picture of what would have been a really cool toy … Read more »

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