The Perfect Pencil by Faber-Castell

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The Perfect Pencil by Faber-CastellThere’s nothing quite like the smell of a graphite pencil. For some, it conjures joyful memories of grade school, while for others, long days spent in the drafting room. One thing’s for sure, whether you’re drafting, drawing, sketching, or writing, the Faber-Castell’s Perfect Pencil is nothing like the yellow #2 pencils many of us are accustomed to using.

A Brief Faber-Castell History

Faber-Castell is the oldest and largest manufacturer of wood-cased pencils in the world. Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell has a rich and varied history. In it’s early years of operation, the company enjoyed great success, however, as the next generation of family members took over, Faber-Castell’s sales began declining. During a two generation period of time, Faber-Castell’s successes looked more like hills and valleys than a steady, ever increasing arrow. It wasn’t until the company’s 4th generation that things started looking bright. Under the control of Lothar von Faber in 1839, Faber-Castell became a leading innovator and first name branded pencil manufacturer. In fact under Lothar’s reign, Faber-Castell developed the hexagonal pencil to prevent it from rolling – a design that is still used today. However, the success was somewhat short-lived. Since Lothar’s death, the company faced major setbacks including disappearing almost completely. Thankfully, Faber-Castell reestablished itself in the 1990s as a maker of high-end writing instruments and graphic arts supplies.

More About The Perfect Pencil

Faber Castell Perfect Pencil in Sterling Silver

Faber Castell Perfect Pencil in Sterling Silver

Faber-Castell’s Perfect Pencil is available in two styles of metal casing – sterling silver or platinum plated. The sterling silver Perfect Pencil retails for $395, while the platinum-plated Perfect pencil retails for $250. The pencils themselves are available in black or brown. What’s unique about the Perfect Pencil is that a pencil sharpener is hidden within the pencil’s extender. The extender, with the integrated sharpener, protects the point of the pencil and keeps it from breaking as you carry it in your pocket, bag, or briefcase. Underneath the Perfect Pencil’s cap sits a replaceable eraser.

Faber Castell Perfect Pencil Refills in Brown

Faber Castell Perfect Pencil Refills in Brown

And just like any other fine writing instrument, you can purchase “refills” at any time. The refill pencils come in packs of three for just $25. You can purchase Faber-Castell’s Perfect Pencil at almost any fine retailer of high-end writing instruments. Visit Faber-Castell’s online store locator to find authorized dealers near you.

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