The Kiton Suit and Kiton Dress Shirts

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Kiton Suits with Kiton Tie on SofaTowering above the famed bespoke tailors of Savile Row and the rest of the fashion world is a single firm, Kiton, that creates what are considered the best suits available anywhere on Earth at any time in history (with only Brioni posing a serious threat to the title). With price tags of up to $50,000, customers repeatedly support this assertion with their checkbook. Here is a glimpse into the Kiton suit brand.

It has been said that Kiton is the go-to bespoke suit and dress shirt designer for the world’s well-moneyed elite, especially those in the financial industries. The company uses a famous cashmere blend for some of its Kiton suits and Kiton sports coats, meaning that you are literally walking through your day with soft, magnificent cashmere against your skin. That comfort comes with a hefty retail price; Kiton suits range in price between $5,000 and $50,000 each.

The Kiton K-50 – The World’s Most Expensive Suit

Kiton Bespoke Suits Are the Ultimate Luxury for MenThe most expensive suit in the world is the Kiton K-50 line, because it takes master tailor Enzo D’Oris, one of the towering giants in the international bespoke suit industry, 50 hours to produce it by hand and there are no more than 50 of these suits made each year.

D’Oris will travel anywhere in the world to do the fittings for clients who are ordering a Kiton K-50 suit. It is constructed of only the finest materials available; wool from merino sheep that hail from Australia and New Zealand with fibers less than 14 microns in diameter (some have superfine 11.5 micron fabrics), providing the smoothest and lightest feel of any suit in history. As CNN reported on the K-50 suit, “From this material, Senor D’Orsi crafts a suit that, according to one critic, ‘follows the lines of the body so closely, and yet sits so lightly, that it seems to be poured on.'”

Other Kiton Suit Lines

Kiton bespoke made-to-measure suits can run up to $21,000 or more and the firm’s world-famous seven-fold silk ties run $265 each. There are also two Kiton “ready to wear” lines sold at Saks, which now has an in-store Kiton boutique at its flagship Fifth Avenue store in New York City:

  • Kiton Classic Suits – This line of suits retails from $7,000 to $8,000 in the United States at luxury retails such as Saks.
  • Kiton CIPA 1960 Suits – Introduced in 2010, these Kiton suits start at $5,500 in the United States.

The 3 Reasons Kiton Clothing Costs So Much

Two Kiton Suits and Kiton TiesThere are three reasons for the high price of Kiton clothing. They are:

  1. The quality materials. Cashmere, Sea Island cotton, Egyptian cotton, classic oxfords, silk and other top-of-the-line luxury materials are used when designing bespoke dress shirts, suits, ties and other Kiton products.
  2. The quality of craftsmanship. Unlike many major fashion houses, Kiton demands that its suits and bespoke products be created by hand. That means hours of hand stitching, hand cutting and attention to detail by master tailors. In fact, it is estimated that it takes 45 tailors to turn out a single garment. The firm has 330 tailors on the payroll.
  3. Rarity. Due to the time constraints required by the craftsmanship and the desire to have the brand represent only the best, Kiton only produces an estimated 20,000 suits per year in a world of nearly seven billion people. That means that each year, the company makes only 1 suit for every 350,000 people on the planet. This supply / demand reality is going to cause prices to be attractive to those with deep pockets, such as private bankers and corporate executives.

Custom Bespoke Kiton Dress Shirts

Bespoke Kiton Dress ShirtsKiton also creates bespoke dress shirts for clients, which typically retail for $1,000 each but can vary based upon the shirt fabric and options you select. They are generally considered to be in the same class as the world-renowned Charvet shirt, which is viewed by many luxury clothing experts as the Rolls Royce of custom shirts.

As with all bespoke services, your customization can go far beyond fabric and cut to include collar style, cuff style (button or French cuff for cufflinks) and more.  As a general rule: If you can dream it or draw it, Kiton can make it for you.

History of Kiton

Kiton was established in Naples, Italy by Ciro Paone in 1968.  It grew through its dedication to ultra luxury and extreme high quality and in 2004, opened a flagship store on East 54th Street in New York City at a cost of $40 million.  Kiton products are not limited to suits, neckties, sports coats and shirts.  Like most other luxury clothiers, Kiton sells fragrance, furnishings, women’s clothing, sportswear, and fine shoes.

Where Can You Buy Kiton Clothing?

You can purchase Kiton suits, dress shirts and products at Kiton boutiques throughout the world including the Flagship store in New York City.  You can also purchase ready-to-wear Kiton at luxury retailers such as Saks and Bergdorf Goodman.

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