Quintessentially One – The World’s Finest Floating Private Club

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Quintessentially One Yacht & Private Club

The super yachts of all super yachts, the Quintessentially One is the worlds preeminent luxury yacht with twelve three-level residential apartments and a boutique hotel set to sail the world’s seven seas in 2013.   Located on the top decks of the ship, each apartment has been decked out to the nines.  Buyers of these properties can choose from a distinguished list of designers when it comes time to styling the interior of their triplex.  Though the list is growing, designers like Ralph Lauren, Fox Linton, David Collins, and BE Collective have already signed on in support of the project.  The boutique hotel offers one and two bedroom luxury suites.  Continue reading to learn more about what makes Quintessentially One so unique.

Amenities of Quintessentially One

Quintessentially One Yacht Beach ClubBeach Club
Plush tented pavilions line the edges of the ship’s pool, where members can lounge and relax while being served by personal butlers.

Night Bar
Located next the the pool is the Beach Club’s night bar.  Members and guest can order a variety of drinks made by the ship’s expert mixologists as the resident DJs ensure the fun never stops.

Business Center
Business is bound to happen, especially on an extended cruise around the world.  Thankfully, Quintessentially One is equipped for any business function and event.  Every room and suite is connected to the Internet via high-speed satellite.  The ship also provides wireless voice and data services, ship to shore communications, a 24/7 year-round business center, secretarial and translation services, as well as multimedia and presentation equipment.

Onboard Library
Relax and unwind in Quintessentially One’s onboard library.  You’ll find a large selection of literature, film, and music from around the world.

Quintessentially One Bedroom Suite

A rendering of a Quintessentially One boutique hotel bedroom suite.

Kids Area
A must have for all yachts and cruise ships, the kids area provides adults a means to “ditch” the children for awhile without feeling guilty!  Quintessentially One provides quality programs and activities for toddlers, juniors, and teens, ensuring that their time spent on the yacht is never boring.  There are onboard nannies for babysitting services, and there are also kindergarten classes for younger children.

Bespoke Services
Members of the Quintessentially One club, for obvious reasons, are capable of spending higher amounts of money in exchange for quality services, like the ships Bespoke Services.  Essentially, Bespoke Services serves as the concierge, where every request is within reason.  From the onboard wine cellar, humidor, garage car parking, and fine art retail, members will have no problem seeing their wishes come to fruition.

Fitness Center by Bodydoctor
Bodydoctor Fitness is the UK’s number one rated personal training company.  Members can have custom health and fitness plans made to help lose weight, gain muscle, and live an overall healthy lifestyle.

Quintessentially One Apartment by Ralph Lauren

A possible design for a triplex apartment by Ralph Lauren.

The Emporium
The Emporium hosts a number of high-end retailers.  Shopping in the Emporium is like shopping on New York’s famous 5th Avenue.  Aside from the joys of not fighting through large crowds and congested traffic, members onboard the ship can actually have the retailers deliver selections of their product to their suites.

Even More Amenities
Like any modern cruise ship, Quintessentially One has an onboard spa, marina, beautiful grand dining room, nightclub, cocktail lounge, casino, cigar and cognac club, cafe, as well as a buffet and food court.

How to Obtain Membership to Quintessentially One

Currently, membership is by invitation only. Once approved, members will be granted access to the ship, hotel, and other onboard services. Annual membership fees will be applicable, which will allow members to stay a number of free nights in the boutique hotel.

How to Buy a Quintessentially One Suite

Since there are only twelve apartments available, don’t be surprised if you are not able to acquire your onboard triplex. However, those of you lucky enough will be able to purchase a suite between $10 million and $15 million. Suites can be secured with a 2.5% deposit. Contact Quintessentially One for more information.

Quintessentially One Bedroom Suite

Another design idea for a Quintessentially One bedroom suite.

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