Moser Splendid Crystal Collection

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Moser Splendid Gold Rimmed Vases BowlsOriginally designed in 1911, the Moser Splendid collection of tableware and fine crystal is the Moser company’s self-described “chef d´oeuvre” or masterpiece.  In the almost 100 years since the Splendid collection first debuted, it has expanded into more than 100 pieces including goblets, vases, pitchers, candlesticks, and more.

The collection consists of intricately diamond cross-cut crystal (which is done by hand) with wide bands of gilded, glittering, royal 24 karat gold fit for a king, literally.  Some of the owners of include sovereign monarchs in palaces throughout the world and the Splendid quickly became one of the most popular state service place settings.  Here is a list of just some of the people who have graced their table with the Moser Splendid collection …

Distinguished Owners of Moser Splendid Crystal Collection

  • President Paasikivi of Finland
  • King Mohammed V of Morocco
  • Polish marshal Pilsudski
  • Egyptian King Fuad
  • Maharajah of Hyderabad, Maharajah of Tripura
  • Danish Prime Minister Hansen
  • Saudi Arabian King Faisal
  • Government of Pakistan, Algeria and Poland
  • Presidents’ Palaces of Czechoslovak Republic and Ukraine
  • The President of Czechoslovak Republic Edvard Beneš presented the set to the English Queen Elisabeth II as a wedding present in 1947.

Moser Splendid Pricing

A typical 24 karat gold rimmed Moser Splendid wine glass or drinking goblet would cost between $280 and $300 each.  A fully functional place setting with plates, chargers, decanters, vases, and pitchers would easily cost $10,000 to $20,000 or more for a regular sized household or family.

History of the Moser Glass Company

Moser Splendid Tableware Crystal and Gold Collection on Set TableIn 1857, the Moser family, maker of the Splendid crystal collection, began selling the finest crystal in Bohemia in the middle of Prague, quickly becoming famous throughout the civilized world. Reportedly, the King of Siam himself made a special trip to the factory in the 1930′s to take personal delivery of his place setting.

With the Nazi invasion during World War II, the Jewish Moser family fled but the Communist regime took control of the company’s assets keeping the Moser name in an attempt to profit from the firm’s reputation.

Today, the Moser company operates under its long-term slogan The King of Glass, the Glass of Kings.  It no longer uses lead for safety reasons; during the late 19th and early 20th centuries, Moser developed its now famous technically perfect crystal production, employing a unique formula for producing a substance as hard as rock and as brilliant as lead crystal – but without using a trace of lead.

Where to Buy Moser Splendid Crystal Patterns

Moser crystal and tableware are sold at fine retailers throughout the world.  The company has a New York showroom, as well as several boutiques in Europe.  You can visit the Moser official company site and use the dealer locator tool to find a retailer near you.  You can make an appointment, meet with them, and work with them to design an entire package of Moser crystal based upon your needs and tastes.

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