Huguette Clark – Mysterious Millionaire Heiress Who Never Visits Any Of Her Mansions or Real Estate

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The last known picture of Huguette Clark, the reclusive millionaire who has vast estates throughout the world that are abandoned but well maintained.

The last known picture of Huguette Clark via The Today Show, the reclusive millionaire who has vast estates throughout the world that are abandoned but well maintained.

Huguette Clark is one of the strangest millionaire heiresses in history and one of the richest women in America, although her name doesn’t grace the pages of Forbes or Fortune.  Now 104 years old, property records show Clark owns massive estates in Connecticut, California, and on New York’s Fifth Avenue.  As per the story on NBC’s Today Show, though, she hasn’t visited any of her homes in decades!  (Looks like Carlos Slim won’t be bumping into her now that he owns the Duke Semans Mansion.)  Her Fifth Avenue Apartment is the largest on the famous street and consists of 42 rooms!  The staff there have only seen her a few times in more than 30 years.  It cost more than 3x the amount of the original Yankees Stadium.

Included in her massive real estate portfolio, Huguette Clark owns a $100+ million estate named “Bellosguardo” in Santa Barbara, California. She hasn’t been there in decades but it is still flawlessly kept by the staff. Likewise, Clark’s mansion in Connecticut is “immaculate” according to one Yahoo story, which goes on to point out that Huguette “has never even visited it.”

Young Huguette Clark

A picture of young Huguette Clark, who inherited her money from a Senator father who was as rich as Rockefeller.

According to various sources, two reporters – Bob Dotson and Bill Dedman – tried to track Huguette Clark down and found her in a low-rent hospital room despite her enormous fortune.  The hospital was located in New York City but Huguette asked for her location not to be disclosed; the reporters honored her request.  She says she is content and that a large inherited fortune was a hindrance to being happy.

How Huguette Clark Inherited Her Money

Huguette Clark was an heir to the fortune her father, Senator William Andrews Clark of Montana, who amassed ownership of mines, banks, and railroads.  When he died, he passed this fortune onto his daughter.  When she was born, her father was 62 and her mother was 23 – and there is no record that they were ever married.  Her father once owned the land that we now call Las Vegas.

The Strangest Part of the Story: The Huguette Clark Properties Have Been Maintained!

All of these fantastic and fabulous buildings, mansions, estates, and apartments?  They have been meticulously cared for all of these years despite the owner not living in any of them!  As one neighbor called it, it is like a “secret garden”.

Relatives and friends told NBC and news sources that Huguette “changed” after her mother died and withdrew from society. This story is just … bizarre.

Pictures of Huguette Clark Mansions and Properties

Huguette Clark Mansion in California Overlooking the Ocean

The Huguette Clark Mansion in California known as "Bellosguardo" in Santa Barbara that overlooks the ocean is worth more than $100 million and hasn't been visited in nearly 50 years.

The Huguette Clark Mansion in Connecticut

The Huguette Clark Mansion in Connecticut. She bought it during the Cold War but never moved into it.

Huguette Clark Fifth Avenue Apartment in New York

Huguette Clark has the biggest apartment on Fifth Avenue in New York City, with her belongings filling 42 rooms. The staff has only seen her a handful of times in 30 years.

More Information About Huguetta Clark

The biggest source of information about Huguetta Clark is from NBC’s Today Show from MSNBC, which includes archives of recent news stories about her and the battle for her estate.

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