Gieves & Hawkes Bespoke Tailors at No. 1 Savile Row

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Gives and Hawkes Made to Order and Ready to Wear ClothingBespoke suit maker Gieves & Hawkes has the most famous address in the custom suit world: No. 1 Savile Row, which was originally constructed in 1732 as the townhouse of the Fairfax family.  The company has been located in the 6,500+ square foot shop for more than a century, although its roots go back much further as both of the two predecessor firms, Gieves & Company and Hawkes Ltd., date back to late 18th century.

Gieves & Hawkes originally rose to prominence as a result of the custom bespoke military uniforms it provided to leading military men at a time when Great Britain was the mightiest military force on Earth.  The quality and attention to detail caught the attention of King George III, who promptly ordered thousands of tailored uniforms for his soldiers.  Through the military division, the tailors still provide uniforms and clothing for the nation’s armed forces and members of the royal family.

Gieves & Hawkes Bespoke Suits

Two and three piece bespoke suits range from £2,500 to £3,500 on average, which is $3,900 to $5,400 in the United States at current exchange rates.  These magnificent creations are literally designed from patterns made specifically for your body.  Every stitch, every detail is created and made to your exact preferences, making them a fantastic long-term investment in luxury, comfort and style.

The tailor will deliver your custom suit in approximately 8 weeks from the time of your first consultation.

Gieves & Hawkes Made to Measure and Seasonal Collections

Gieves and Hawkes Tailored Sports Coats and CollectionsIn addition to its famous bespoke suits, Gieves & Hawkes offers made-to-measure suits and clothing, as well as seasonal collections that are more affordable but quite literally a cut above the competition.  (In fact, in the 1920′s, Gieves & Hawkes became the first Savile Row tailor to even make ready-to-wear suits, which it sold in secret to avoid tarnishing the exclusivity of its brand.)

The Gieves & Hawkes semi-automated made-to-measure suits start at around £700 including value added tax, which is $1,100 in the United States (note for when you are considering your options, the company calls its made-to-measure suits service ‘personal tailoring’). These use a standard pattern but are adjusted for your specific measurements (as opposed to bespoke, where even the pattern itself is created for your body; the difference between the two is the difference between a top-of-the-line Bentley or Aston Martin and an upper-tier Jaguar or BMW to provide a comparison).

Gieves & Hawkes Bespoke Shirts

Gieves & Hawkes also offers a bespoke dress shirt service. Typical bespoke shirts start at roughly £150 including value added tax, but can go higher depending upon the material and options you select. There are no minimums for the bespoke dress shirt service so you can literally order a single shirt if you desire.

For the bespoke shirt service, it will take approximately 3 months from your first measurement to delivery.

Where to Buy Gieves & Hawkes Clothing

Gieves and Hawkes Custom Suit BrandAlthough the company has distribution agreements in North America, for the full Gieves & Hawkes service, you need to visit one of the tailor’s 15 shops, located throughout the United Kingdom.  If you live in London or Home Counties, Gieves & Hawkes offers house and office calls wherein a personal tailor will visit you in person.  You can also visit the company’s official site.

The boutique shops are open Monday through Thursday 9:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m., Friday 9 a.m. to 6 p.m., and Saturday, 10 a.m. to 6 p.m.

You will literally find Gieves & Hawkes steps away from other famous Savile Row tailors, including Anderson & Sheppard, Ede and Ravenscroft, and Turnbull & Asser.

An appointment is not strictly necessary but if you plan on utilizing the company’s bespoke suit, bespoke dress shirt, or made-to-measure services, it is highly recommended as it will help ensure that you don’t have to wait in the event the shop is busy.

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