The Newest Trend in Marketing: Colorize and Customize PCs, Phones, and More

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Ever dream of having a Tiffany & Company colored iPad? Cell phones personalized with the name of your business? From corporate marketing departments that need the perfect touch for a branded launch date or event to interior designers who want to make sure the pink on the Nintendo Wii matches the decor of a little […]

Nostalgic Hershey’s Syrup Candle

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If you’ve read through the reams of the Gilded Life blog, you’ve likely noticed that the majority of the products we feature come with a not-so-modest price tag.  Though what this Hershey’s Syrup candle lacks in number of zeros in its cost, it makes up for in its sheer genius, sweet chocolaty fragrance, and classic […]

The Bosendorfer Grand Piano in Yacht Finish

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Top-tier piano manufacturer Bosendorfer, based in Vienna, Austria, is responsible for creating the Bosendorfer Grand Piano in Yacht Finish. The piano is available in all the same sizes as the traditional black Bosendorfer grand pianos, ranging in size from 5′ 8″ to the massive imperial at 9′ 6″, some of which feature more than the […]

Two Fantastic New Luxury Furniture Pieces from Ralph Lauren Home

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If you couldn’t tell from our article on the Ralph Lauren Rue Royal Bed, we are big fans of the new upscale luxury furniture line from Ralph Lauren Home.  So much, in fact, that several of us around here are considering redoing our personal houses in the style. Ralph Lauren Home has two fantastic new […]

Men’s Fashion Advice from Australia

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The fashion team at the Sydney Morning Herald in Australia have pointed out how it is possible to mix and match clothes from different fashion designers and fashion houses to create unique looks for those with deep pockets.  Although some of their suggestions made us feel like we were in a parallel universe, a few […]

Solid Stone Bathtubs

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For those of you with a unique sense of aesthetic and a love for the outdoors (and a home that could support a herd of elephants), feast your eyes on this solid stone bathtub by the French design firm, SDA Decoration.  Weighing in at nearly 1 ton or even more, each bathtub is made from […]

Gold Bullion Wireless Mouse for Mac and PC

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The gold bullion wireless mouse just may be the perfect gift, especially if you are worried about government deficits.  Although it isn’t real gold, this great gadget was designed to work with both Apple Mac systems and PCs and looks like a bar of gold bullion, complete with a “999.9” purity stamp. Gold Bar Wireless […]

Ralph Lauren Cannes Amoire Makes a Beautiful Piece for Your Home

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A beautiful accent piece to the Ralph Lauren Rue Royal Bed, the Ralph Lauren Cannes Amoire is a rococo revival inspired piece of luxury furniture inspired by the 19th century.  Each amoire is finished in walnut veneer Cannes Noyer with Monaco Brass and features hand-carved floral borders, foliage and decor embellishment.  It is fitted with […]